Not because he followed Pop into the firm. But because Stu embraces all the good stuff that made Sam so passionate about being an accountant… like being a true advisor, confidant and planner. And knowing that the numbers are only a means to an end. Having the insight to understand his clients’ true goals. Always being available to give them unfettered access to him and his team. And understanding that leveraging experience, knowhow and attention to the constantly shifting business and tax landscape makes a real difference in companies… and lives. Stu lives by the credo of always being passionate, proactive, flexible... putting the clients’ needs first. As a result, his firm’s driving philosophy is that the key to being an accountant is to be accountable. Stu’s the captain here, someone we would gladly follow into battle.

Every business is an adventure. And there is nothing more exciting than taking the journey with my clients. Being a proactive partner is gratifying to me, and valuable to them.
— Stu Goldstein


OK. You want nuts and bolts? Here it is:

Samuel Goldstein & Co. is a multi-generational CPA and advisory firm with a pedigree founded on 70+ years of dedicated service and commitment to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We focus on customized services for:

  • Entrepreneurs who need help with growth strategies and operational support

  • Family operated companies with children and relatives working in them

  • Privately held businesses who want an advisor to provide a fresh perspective

  • Large corporations who need comprehensive services at reasonable fees

  • Individuals who require tax planning and insight

  • Employee benefit plan sponsors, both single and multiemployer

  • Labor unions needing to meet the DOL’s disclosure & reporting requirements

Whether or not these describe you, we still want to talk. Because as much as we are educators of businesses, we’re also learners of new businesses (and quick studies to boot.)

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  • Our Clients and Their Needs Come First

  • We are Committed to Understanding How Our Clients Think

  • The Only Way to Be Effective is to Empathize with Our Clients

  • Today, the Key to Client Service is to be Proactive

  • Our Clients Deserve Advisors who are Nimble and Flexible

  • We Must Stand Behind the Definition of Our Profession & Be Accountable to Our Clients

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